Sokpol, a producer of juices and nectars, remains a leader of so-called “own brands” in Poland. Besides, the company is well-known for original brands such as Grand, Golden Stream and 7Niebo.

Vibracoustic is another company operating in the automotive industry, which has implemented our software for the maintenance services in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of these actions.

The pool of our customers has expanded with another company from the tool industry. This time it’s Leitz, a world leader in the production of woodworking tools, who decided to install our solution for managing maintenance services and assets.

Lesaffre plant chose our Polish CMMS software that will support the maintenance department and the organization of work in the plant.

Plant belonging to a Canadian automotive ecompanny ABC Group has implemented our CMMS system for comprehensive maintenance management.

Wiśniowski company is another producer investing in the system for the maintenance. The company has just completed the implementation of CMMS program created by the Queris.

Another company which decided to implement our Queris MES system was Cargill – a world-renowned supplier of products and solutions for the agricultural industry and breeders.

At the end of May for the fourth time Polish Championship in Software Testing took place, i.e. TestingCup.  Among the best testers from around the country also our employee Damian Brzęczek attended as a representative of Queris.

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