Having been very pleased with our past working relationship, Husqvarna had decided to go ahead with the implementation of our Queris CMMS system.

The latest to join our client list in November was the chemical company Alwernia S.A., producer of innovative and dedicated products for the grocery and agricultural fields, as well as producing paints and lacquer. Their system of choice was Queris MMR 3.0.

On September 11, Queris took part in a meeting hosted by Nomax Group, our parent company, at which we had the pleasure of meeting members of the Association of Family Firms. Attendees had the opportunity to witness the cooperation of production and maintenance at one of the world’s biggest producer of netting for meat products.

In July of this year, Pfluger Koperty has been added to the fold of firms operating our MES system.

We are incredibly happy to announce that our Chairman of the Board, Mr. Thomas Zielinski, on June 9, 2014, has been chosen as a Council Member to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Katowice.

In April, we signed contract with Mando Corporation Poland Sp. z o.o. The agreement covers the creation and implementation of dedicated production software which, functionally, acts as manufacturing execution system.

In late January, we signed a contract to imlement our CMMS system at the Oceanic S.A. company of Sopot, a manufacturer of brand cosmetics. In February the implementation was successfully finished.

Late 2013 was a very good time to us, for it was when we concluded an implementation in the Husqvarna factory in Mielec. The Mielec factory is the sole subsidiary of that Swedish company in Poland, manufacturing among others push mowers and self-propelled mowers, or the so-called riders.

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