We are a team of experienced professionals from various fields. We boast high competence in the field of industrial information technology, programming, automation, integration, system administration, and other areas related to modern technologies.

As a manufacturer of software for the industry, we not distribute, or sell foreign solutions, but we make our own products. We offer a wide range of services that have one task:

streamline and modernize your production!

This is our mission. That’s why we came to be, and that is how we operate. We are guided by our motto:

Ideas for productivity.

What do we do?


Create software solutions

Our main business is the creation and development of software for the manufacturing industry. The overriding task for us, resulting from the adopted mission is to offer and deliver solutions that really contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies, based on modern and efficient production.

With experience in this field, we have developed two solutions that are essential equipment of every modern facility. These are our flagship products, which include:

  • Queris MES system – for management, monitoring and organization of production processes, and
  • Queris CMMS system – supporting the work and management of the maintenance department .

The systems are flexible enough that they can be successfully used in a variety of industries and types of production. In addition to individual orders we create programs and applications dedicated, adapted from start to finish to the specific and unusual needs of our customers.


Dedicated Solutions

Problems of production companies do not always follow a path to standard solutions. Sometimes your needs are unusual, beyond certain patterns or ideas. For us these are not obstacles, that’s why our motto is “Ideas for productivity”.

We are not afraid of challenges and we are open for cooperation in unusual areas or circumstances. We can afford it because we are a modern software company and we know the basics of the technology that we use. Thanks to the creation of entirely new, dedicated systems, programs or concepts, it is no problem for us, and even a pleasant challenge!

It is worth it to trust experienced engineers who are familiar with the production of the practical and know how to deal with various problems that occur.


Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation today has become almost an indispensable element in enabling efficient production. In the world of emerging technologies, it was a bridge between man and machine, and currently takes the form of fastener machinery and equipment of systems. With automation, the proposed solutions have significantly higher efficiency because they are not divorced from the reality of factory and interact with the processes occurring in real terms.

With our team of experienced automation engineers, we are able to design, build and implement the concepts in this field. Its elements are very often used in the deployment of our systems. With broad expertise, we can also completely and independently build as small as well as large, complex solutions as our customers demand.

We offer flexible industrial automation solutions that are another asset of our company, giving us an advantage over other suppliers.