Beginning with Nomax Group
Are activities begin in the nineties as part of the Nomax company. Queris employees were originally tasked with a comprehensive IT service and administration of that production company.
Growth and Experience
Some employees were also tasked with maintenance services for the Nomax plant. The growing expertise in these areas has resulted in the idea of modernizing the plant with the use of industrial automation solutions.
Creating Queris
In 2004 Queris Sp z o.o. separated from the structures of Nomax. The main area of interest in the new company was robotics and automation, through which we were able to modernize the production of other companies, separate from the parent company.
In the direction of IT services
In subsequent years, we focused on activities closely related to the implementation and integration of production systems (ERP, MES, CMMS). Although they have become our main specialty services, at the time they were provided only for the Nomax Group entities.
First home grown IT production system
The acquired competence and experience from previous years had enabled us to begin work on our own system for CMMS maintenance in 2008. We began with activities related to the comprehensive support of maintenance departments, and later of the entire production cycle. With time, we realized new projects and implementations, all the while developing our products further.
Complete production solutions
Thanks to the determination and ambition we have in our employees, we can now offer a full range of services to improve production processes. These are not just systems, but also services in the field of automation and an extensive knowledge acquired in the practice, which often allows us to look at the full understanding customers’ problems and propose the best solution possible for them.

It is worth trusting practitioners who know the ins and outs of realities in production.