Cargill - Queris MES

Cargill is an international company operating in the market of production and trade of cereals. In Poland, carries an extensive production of goods such as corn syrup, gluten, ethyl alcohol, or additives for the meat and dairy industry. In June 2016, one of the Cargill plant was completely equipped with our Queris MES solution.

Implementation of MES solution was primarily related to the main objective, which was to create the full possibilities of reporting productivity. For the realization of this assumption the following actions have been taken:

  • Designing the concept of implementation, the configuration of the system and its optimal use,
  • All weighting and packaging machines in both production areas were equipped with operator’s panels,
  • In each zone PLC controller serving for communication with Queris MES was installed,
  • Components and automation devices enabling the use of the software were delivered.

After the installation and appropriate preparation of the system, it was also integrated with the SAP system responsible for handling production orders.

An important element of the project was the use of bar code readers, through which Cargill employees gained the ability to automatically run orders by scanning encoded information. Since all the employees of the manufacturer used RFID personnel cards containing a bar code, implemented readers have created possibility to automatically log employees to MES system. In effect, users do not have to log in manually and it is enough to scan their own card for that purpose.

All the solutions have been properly configured and integrated, and after successful testing of their cooperation, started and put into use in the factory.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system