Extral Sp z. o.o. is a manufacturer of aluminum profiles, belonging to the Pruszyński Group – a leading Polish manufacturer of sheet metal.

For Extral we have created a proprietary dedicated solution system for production, cooperating with ERP system and communicating directly with advanced global brands of its machines. This custom made solution provided the manufacturer complete support for data exchange and has promoted implementation processes of production profiles.

This dedicated program is a kind of nervous system for the whole environment in which to run daily operations. Its main tasks include:

  • integration of the previously implemented ERP system directly from the machines ,
  • provide decision makers full control over the process at every stage of production,
  • collecting, reporting and archiving of production data.

As part of the order we created our own solution for labeling of transport elements, acting at very high temperatures characteristic of this industry. This makes it possible for full identification of each stage of the process.

Zakres wdrożenia

 System CMMS

 System MES

 System APS