Polish manufacturer of roof windows Fakro is a global leader in its industry with a 15% share of the global market, employing 3300 workers. The company has 12 manufacturing plants and 16 distribution centers in many countries located in Europe, Asia and America.

In Fakro we conducted a comprehensive implementation of the CMMS system for maintenance management, which supported the plant in Nowy Sącz. Thanks to this, the technical department has gained a tool improving the control of working time, reporting and troubleshooting, maintenance planning, forecasting and spare parts inventory management.

The implementation of Queris CMMS included:

  • preparation of plant environment and configuration of the system implementation infrastructure,
  • system and database installation, configuration of the settings according to user requirements,
  • implementation of the bar code module and its integration with the system for better identification of machines and parts, as well as faster input and retrieval of information,
  • proper installation of mobile devices to work with the system and bar code module.

After installation and configuration of settings all the employees have been prepared to work with the system and properly trained by our specialists in using the application.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system