Fob-Decor is a manufacturer of aluminum and steel closures that are used primarily in the alcohol, beverage and pharmaceuticals industries. The company annual production reaches 850 million different types of nuts, of which 24% are intended for export, among others to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Russia and New Zealand. On the domestic market, the customers of Fob-Decor are brands such as Wyborowa, Polmos Żyrardów (Belvedere), Jantoń, Jurajska, Ustronianka, Nestle Polska and Henkel Polska.

The implementation of the CMMS system in maintenance department has been carried out to better control the processes and obtain current information on the state of machine park. The software has helped streamline reporting of breakdowns, maintenance, machine reviews, but also helped to better organize the work of technicians.

During the implementation attention was paid to the following areas of integration:

  • integration with the ERP system (Impuls), which enabled service of the purchasing, better asset and staff management,
  • warehouse integration, whereby the technical department is able to handle parts and equipment much better.

The implemented Queris CMMS system also provides mobile workforce support and flexible failure reporting, both through a web application and web browser.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system