Aluprof S.A. is a manufacturer of aluminum systems and occupies one of the key positions among manufacturers of this type of products in Europe. Company belonging to Grupa Kęty S.A. Capital Group decided to invest in equipping plants with a professional CMMS system for managing and optimizing maintenance.

Queris CMMS, selected in the purchase process, was first used in Bielsko-Biała plant and then implemented in Opole. As a part of the implementation, client decided to use two additional modules, which will further improve the work performed in the area of maintenance activities:

  • bar code module, for better identification of individual plant components (e.g. machinery, equipment, spare parts, storage locations)
  • mobile module, for working with the system with use of mobile devices running on Android.

The implementation of the CMMS in Aluprof was aimed at streamlining the flow of information about breakdowns and downtimes, their faster proceeding, and thus ensuring optimum machine availability and spare parts lifetime. The solution also allows for more efficient management of the warehouse and the entire structure of the plant. In addition, the compatibility with mobile devices greatly facilitates access to the software and input of the data, what helps saving valuable time of the maintenance crew, who may focus on more efficient execution of their tasks.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system