As part of the international Cargotec holding, Hiab is a leader in the hauling industry. In its portfolio, the company features industrial cranes, structures for truck bed replacement, fork lifts, truck lift gates and cranes for recycling and forestry. Located in 34 countries, with 11 production facilities and employing about 4300 workers makes this company a market leader

In March 2015, Cargotec had made the decision to implement our CMMS system for production maintenance – Queris CMMS. As part of this implementation, the following steps were necessary to get Hiab up and running:

  • Installation of CMMS system,
  • Integration of Queris MMR with a barcode module for improving warehouse efficiency,
  • Database migration from an older software solution into Queris CMMS.

Scope of implementation


 APS system

 MES system

 CMMS system