Dedicated application

For Husqvarna’s branch in Poland, we completed an implementation project in terms of industrial automation. Located in Mielec, the plant produces such equipment as lawnmowers and riders. Within the plant, there occurred a need to establish an additional stand for quality tests of manufactured equipment.

We accepted the challenge and provided the manufacturer of garden tools with a comprehensive service which included, among others:

  • creation of a dedicated application,
  • proper configuration of the software at the test stand,
  • equipping the stand with a 17-inch panel computer and steering cabinet.

Owing to that application, the plant in Mielec has acquired a new quality test stand.

CMMS system

At the end of calendar year 2014, we yet again had the pleasure to work with our client Husqvarna in Mielec. This time around the Swedish manufacturer had decided to incorporate our CMMS solution for manufacturing maintenance. In addition to Queris CMMS, Husqvarna management had requested our bar code module for managing their warehousing environment.

Scope of implementation


 APS system

 MES system

 CMMS system