CMMS system

Polish branch of Lesaffre, belonging to the international group Lesaffre, is a manufacturer of yeast and bakery mixes, and other additives used in the bakery and confectionery. The company decided to streamline its production by using the appropriate program for the maintenance.

Lesaffre chose Polish CMMS system from our brand, which was implemented in the company along with the appropriate configuration and implementation to the existing IT environment. The work associated with the installation of CMMS software has been preceded by a pre-implementation analysis and the whole project included:

  • definition of the scope and stages of the migration of data from other IT solutions;
  • installation of Queris CMMS system;
  • appropriate configuration according to the specification of the customer’s plant;
  • integration for the system for the maintenance with the ERP platform;
  • tests of the implemented software;
  • full launch of the CMMS system;
  • training for the staff concerning the handling the new program.

The system for maintenance at the plant Lesaffre was put into use after successful tests and good cooperation with the customer, which enabled the efficient conduct of the necessary work. Maintenance department’s employees were equipped with an appropriate tool, which adequately used will help to better organize the work and get even better results using only the existing assets of the company.

MES system

Next step in cooperation, after the implementation of CMMS system, was an implementation of the solution, which enables the monitoring of production processes, tasks progress and orders management. In order to maximize the efficiency of the plant Lesaffre decided to use our system Queris MES.

Thanks to the implemented software the manufacturer can improve work effectiveness by identifying and eliminating waste of resources (mainly time), without the expansion of machine park. Immediate indication and notification of micro- downtimes helps to get rid of them much faster. By identifying its causes and taking appropriate actions the company can prevent their occurrence in future, what results in increased availability of machines and time, which can be used more productively.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system