For the Nomanet company, we developed a large project involving a complete automation of the production process. To that end, we deployed practically the whole range of our services, in particular implementing our MES and CMMS classes systems as well as industrial automation components. Our solutions significantly improved the effectiveness of the operation in our client’s manufacturing facility..

The whole range of automation implemented in the Nomanet company involved:

  • modernisation of the machine park consisting of 60 machines
  • introduction of the production management system (Queris MES)
  • verification of the machine park efficiency (OEE)
  • integration of the MES system with the ERP – Impuls system
  • introduction of downtime notification system (ANDON)
  • introduction of the barcodes system (MWS)
  • addition of operator panels (HMI) in the machines

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system