Pol-Hun is a leading Polish chemical manufacturer with exports to the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Turkey as well as many other countries around the world. Its products include toiletry cleaners, liquids and gels, air fresheners and dish washing detergents. Under the General Fresh brand, its products are sold at retailers such as Tesco, Carrefour and Auchan in Poland and abroad. Pol-Hun also produces items for the firm Henkel Polska S.A.

In January 2015 at the Koluszki facility we completed implementation of our Queris MES system for the purpose of order management and performance analysis. Implementation consisted of:

  • the purchase, preparation and installation of necessary hardware (panel monitors, controllers, a control station etc.),
  • implementation of Queris MES,
  • system and controller configuration,
  • delivery, installation and configuration of a barcode system,
  • training of personnel on the use of the system.

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