Polmos Zyrardow Sp. o.o. is a manufacturer of luxury vodka Blevedere, acclaimed by the clients not only in Poland but also beyond the borders of our country. The brand was promoted, among others, in the adventures of James Bond in the movie “Spectre”.

Manufacturer of this exclusive alcohol has decided to use Queris MES system in its plant, for monitoring and execution of production. Implementation was divided into two phases:

  • Production lines were equipped with elements of automation to allow the collection of data for the causes of downtime, as well as recording the volume of produced finished goods, and then
  • Installation, configuration and launching of the system based on the system infrastructure prepared beforehand.

MES system, which was implemented by the Belvedere manufacturer can precisely determine the deadlines for the various orders, as well as control the course of processes and their on time realization. The use of a large diagonal monitor, which was mounted on the production floor, allows the staff to track progress of work, so they know all the details of the executed orders.

Scope of implementation

 CMMS system

 MES system

 APS system