We have carried out another implementation of our CMMS software supporting maintenance departments. The new customer who joined the system is Packprofil.

The Queris CMMS user community has expanded and includes a global manufacturer of high quality aluminum components for the automotive industry. Company’s branch was successfully equipped with a system for the maintenance.

Despite the ongoing holiday we do not slow down and support another company in achieving high efficiency of maintenance department. This time we launched the CMMS system at the manufacturer of corrugated board and packaging.

As a result of the continuous development of our products we have introduced a new module that extends the functionality of Queris CMMS system for the maintenance.

A relatively young joint venture, Froneri, is developing very quickly and therefore undertakes new investments in the field of production. We have just helped implement the maintenance system that will optimize the UR work and processes.

After successful implementation of our system in aluminum profiles plant in Bielsko-Biała, another company belonging to Grupa Kęty decided to launch our CMMS in Opole.

Polmos Żyrardów,  the manufacturer of luxury Belvedere vodka, has been using the Queris MES system for a year now and has decided to expand its scope.

One of our testers has just been accepted as a member of the IT Systems Association. His membership in this organization is another proof that our solutions have best quality due to being checked by the best testers.

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