The extensive functionalities of our system make it an essential tool for efficient production scheduling and helping to achieve higher efficiency processes. The most important function Queris APS include:


queris-aps-funkcjonalnosc-lista-produktowTransparent overview of all manufactured products in the form of a list of products


queris-aps-macierze-przezbrojenChangeovers matrices and production efficiency matrices


queris-aps-modul-zamowienThe customer orders module with automatic downloading of information from the ERP system


queris-aps-modul-zlecen-produkcyjnychProduction orders module integrated with MES


queris-aps-kryteria-planowaniaAbility to define and choose from a variety of planning criteria


queris-aps-algorytmy-heurystyczneCreating simple schedules based on heuristic algorithms


queris-aps-algorytmy-memetyczneOptimize schedules based on complex mimetic algorithms


queris-aps-monitoring-jakosci-harmonogramuCurrent preview of the parameters affecting the quality of the schedule


queris-aps-rejestracja-postepow-produkcjiRegistration progress of production in a simple or advanced form (with MES)


queris-aps-cechowanie-planuSetting a production plan, with ongoing adjustment according to the current production situation


queris-aps-konfiguracja-dostosowywanie-personalizacjaExtensive customization options and adjustment of user settings


queris-aps-kalendarz-pracy-zasobowCalendar of work resources for managing diverse work systems


queris-aps-automatyczne-aktualizacjeAutomatic software updates