Many factories have a problem with correct, optimal order scheduling. This problem occurs in virtually all types of production, with the possible exception of the piece-meal unit production.

  • How many times have you happened onto a situation in which you had developed the production schedule, and suddenly you get information about an absolutely urgent order, which must be implemented as a priority before all others?
  • How often does order planning come to the conclusion that implementation takes far too long? Ever wonder how to accelerate this performance?
  • Is planning orders being done one after the other? Would it might make sense to break them into smaller tasks and properly plan their performance, thus being able to speed up the process of completing every customer’s order?
  • Does your schedule contain machine idle tim,/strong> because it is impossible to plan work in these times? Did you know that with a professional tool which is APS you are able to reduce these idle times to an absolute minimum, and often completely get rid of them?
  • Or maybe… you have another problem with production?


Z With Queris APS system you will be able to “squeeze” the maximum performance from the production plant based only on appropriate planning. Get to know our solution.