Queris CMMS system enables better organization and efficiency of work and actions in the area of maintenance. Thanks to an electronic information support, engineers will work more efficiently, which clearly translates into better production and activity across the enterprise. Here are the major benefits that can be achieved with this tool.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-mniej-awariiA smaller number of failures and downtime – a natural consequence of better work planning and control of the state of machinery.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-krotsze-przestojeShorter downtimes planned and unplanned – with immediate notifications of failure, mechanics immediately know what, where and when it happened, and their response can be faster.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-wzrost-wydajnosciImplementation of Queris CMMS enables optimum utilization of machinery and spare parts, which translates into increased productivity.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-powiadomieniaAutomatic and immediate notification of failures allow you to respond faster, make decisions and remove the causes of downtime.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-zarzadzanie-personelemThe software, thanks to its powerful features, creates opportunities for better management of labor mechanics. This enables the effective management of staff.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-praca-mechanikowQueris CMMS enables continuous monitoring of working time and tasks performed by mechanics, where planning their work becomes easier.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-planowanie-pracyScheduling module and expanded opportunities for individual tasks allow for better planning of repair and maintenance work.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-optymalizacja-nakladowInformation collected in the system and their analysis enables to optimize expenditures on maintenance of the machinery. ABC defaska sdia asdkas saasm sauwn rweq nsa je e.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-modul-raportowExtensive reporting and analysis module enables automatic and manual generation of information reporting, facilitates planning and decision-making.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-stany-minimalneWarehouse management module allows for constant monitoring of inventory of spare parts and timely information about the states exceeding the minimum.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-stany-magazynowe-kosztyMonitoring inventory levels to better determine the necessary amount of spare parts, thereby reducing costs associated with maintaining inventory.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-koszty-administracyjneQueris CMMS also allows real reduction in the administrative costs associated with the overall operation of the maintenance department.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-elektroniczna-dokumentacjaImplementation of CMMS system introduces electronic workflow that eliminates many errors and mistakes found in paper documentation.


queris-cmms-ikony-korzysci-zyskThe savings resulting from the implementation of the system translate into an overall increase in productivity and higher profit.