Many facilities’ maintenance departments still do not have adequate support system (CMMS , so their work is often ineffective. Sometimes enough minor improvements make a difference but sometimes major changes are necessary.

Does your company have problems that lower the efficiency of mechanics?



  • Do you have a list of all machinery, equipment and business buildings in one place?
  • Are the inventories of property, plant, equipment and parts being handled by the correct tool?
  • Do you conduct preventive maintenance?
  • Do you have historical data on each element of the plant (line, machine, appliance, part)?
  • Do you have planned repairs and maintenance of machines based on real data?
  • Can you identify the causes of downtime and on this basis prevent them in the future?
  • Do you control the downtimes of individual machines?
  • Do you receive automatic notifications about failures (ex. via e-mail or SMS)?
  • Do you know the life of each replaceable item and can determine the cost of its operation?
  • Do you know the exact costs associated with operating each machine service?
  • Can you calculate the cost-effectiveness of procurement of parts ( specific manufacturer ) on the basis of historical data about its durability?
  • Are you able to optimally plan the inventory of spare parts?
  • Are the mechanics in your workshop always able to quickly find a needed part or tool?
  • Can you identify each piece of a replacement part (location – warehouse/particular machine , date of purchase, producer)?
  • Can you quickly generate documentation for ISO audit?
  • Do you know the exact time mechanics of work?
  • Do you have a complete and reliable report on the actual tasks performed by employees?
  • Are you able to avoid writing out workers on cards and paper reports on completed tasks?

If these or similar problems occur in your company, we have a CMMS system that will help you solve them!