Queris CMMS maintenance management stands out among other competitive solutions due to its possibilities. To see for yourself just order a free demo, or schedule an individual presentation of the system in your company. Below are only the most important arguments for our software.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-praktycyThe system was created by practitioners and not theorists, practitioners who are very familiar with the problems associated with maintenance and know how to remedy them.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-producentWe are a manufacturer and integrator, not a software distributor. The client can always count on the expansion and adjustment of the system only to their own individual needs.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-serwisCustomers choosing Queris CMMS software can always count on fast and efficient service, as well as ongoing support and assistance with use and reliable training of employees in its use.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-integracjaQueris CMMS solution is fully integrated with other systems that already exist in the customer’s plant, so they can better exploit the potential of them all.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-werja-mobilnaWith the mobile version, the system can operate on a desktop computer(via desktop application) for tablet or smart phone (Android and Windows) and mobile devices from Motorola.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-kody-kreskoweQueris CMMS contains a barcode module, so that the maintenance department can much more quickly attain the correct parts from the warehouses, thus increasing efficiency.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-funkcjonalnosc-strukturaThe program has the full functionality of CMMS systems with comprehensive reporting and analysis capabilities, as well as the ability to create complex structures of the plant.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-iso-standardWith the software you can quickly and easily generate documentation necessary for certification and ISO audits.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-cmms-wersje-jezykoweQueris CMMS is available in multiple languages (including English, German, and Italian) so that it can be easily implemented in international production facilities.