Implementation afforded by our MES system translates primarily to the overall increase in productivity. This is a result of better management of production processing , which becomes possible thanks to the following benefits of using the system.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-informacja-produkcjiFull information about production – gives full and comprehensive information on production, allowing you to make better decisions and better scheduling of an order.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-zwiekszone-wykorzystanie-zdolnosci-prodkcyjnychIncreased capacity utilization
– saving time with efficient management of orders and giving the operators the ability to fully utilize production capacity.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-wzrost-oeeThe increase in OEE
– through reduced downtime and continuous monitoring of machines, greatly increases the overall efficiency of the production park, as well as individual line or machine.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-wizualizacja-produkcjiBetter visualization of production in progress
– system application allows a constant view of the situation on the lines. You know exactly which orders are executed on which lines, at what time and at what pace.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-skrocenie-przestojowReduce downtime
– planned to minimize downtime for repairs and maintenance as well as idle time caused by equipment failures.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-oszczednosci-produkcyjneReducing production costs
– thanks to Queris MES, a producer can realistically reduce production costs, primarily due to higher productivity.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-zarzadzanie-zleceniamiEffective management of production orders
– Queris MES system indicates spare capacity, so you can optimally plan the execution of production orders for each customer.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-automatyzacja-procesowProcess Automation
– direct integration of the system with machines eliminates many activities carried out thus far in the traditional manner.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-skrocenie-cyklu-produkcyjnegoShortening cycle time
– efficient production management can actually shorten the production cycle, and thus produce more in the same time.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-redukcja-papierowej-dokumentacjiReduction of paper documentation
– electronic documents are a solution that is not only environmentally friendly, but also giving you instant access to any information.

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-analizy-raportyExtensive analysis and reporting
 – reporting module makes it possible to generate reports and analysis tailored to different needs(directors, management, board, audit of ISO, etc.)

ikona-system-mes-korzysci-jakosc-produkcjiImproving the quality of production
– improvements made translate into a significant improvement in the quality of production, as well as to minimize losses and higher cost savings associated with the manufacturing process.