The heart of Queris MES is a database in which data is collected, stored and processed into the system. The data is usually taken directly from the machine thanks to wireless communication solutions adapted to work with machines. Operations are carried out by a client application adapted to various types of user devices.


Special attention was paid to Queris MES integration complexities with other IT solutions already operating in the enterprise. The flexible structure is designed in such a way that the system seamlessly receives data from other programs and thus it is possible to achieve even better efficiency results.


Queris MES integration can take place in two ways, as follows:

  • System integration – building linkages between different IT systems,
  • Infrastructural integration – linking the sphere of automation, individual machines or production lines


The most important and most common solutions with which Queris MES is integrated is ERP management systems for production, APS scheduling production and CMMS systems for the purpose of maintenance. The exchange of data between these solutions significantly improves the quality of work and gives you the ability to accurately plan production orders.