Different production facilities have various problems associated with manufacturing. While it is true that there is no universal solution for all ills, Queris MES system is a way to improve production in several key areas.

Judge for yourself whether your plant faces the following issues and how emerging obstacles are relevant to you and your company




  • Whether the production process is often stuttering ?
  • Can you fully control the operation of the entire line, and each machine individually?
  • Do you know the exact capacity of the line and each machine?
  • Do you have full information on the availability and machine failure?
  • Do you know the quality of their production (not the quality of the products themselves)?
  • Are you able to optimally plan their production and fully exploit their potential?
  • Can you effectively manage production orders?
  • Is the job still written and passed to production on paper?
  • Do you know the exact time operators work and have reliable information about their results?
  • Do you know how low productivity affects the financial results of your company? Can this be calculated?
  • Do you know the exact losses due to sub-optimal layout of production orders?


If among your answers there is the answer „NO”, perhaps we can help you optimize your production