It is not possible to present all of the advantages of Queris MES without providing more visual detail, which you can learn about during a reference meeting. Before then, take note of the most important advantages listed below. Here’s why you should choose Queris MES:


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-stworzony-przez-praktykowThe system was created by practitioners and not theorists, practitioners who are very familiar with the problems associated with maintenance and know how to remedy them.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-producent-oprogramowaniaWe are a manufacturer and integrator, not a software distributor. The client can always count on the expansion and adjustment of the system only to their own individual needs.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-najnowsze-oprogramowanie-mesQueris MES is currently one of the newest MES system on the European market. It was written in the latest available environment offered by Microsoft (.NET and C#).


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-aktualizacjeThe system is also the fastest growing in Europe in its class. By selecting Queris MES, the customer receives a guarantee of constant updating and improvement.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-funkcjonalnoscQueris MES has all the functionality necessary for optimal use of production capacity. Without any “extras” that are never used.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-integracja-systemowQueris MES is fully able to integrate with other systems that already exist in the customer’s plant, so you can better exploit the potential of them all.


ikona-dlaczego-queris-mes-wersja-mobilnaMobility. Queris software can successfully operate on a desktop computer(desktop application), via tablet or smart phone(Android and Windows) and through a web browser.


And that’s still not all. Make an appointment at one of our reference plants to see it ‘live’ and find out why the producers choose Queris MES